Jan Dirk Adams







Woerden, The Netherlands.

Mother, father, twin brother, younger brother.




2007 - 2012 Driestar College (HAVO), Gouda


2013 - 2015 Willem de Kooning Academy (BA. Illustration), Rotterdam


2015 - 2019 Koninklijke Academie voor Beeldende Kunst (BA. Fine Arts (Sculpture)), Den Haag




2017 'It is sort of a thing' result of Tatjana Macic's elective 'Exhibition Lab', Den Haag


2018 'Outermost Corner' One Nest Stand, curated by Heske ten Kate. Nest, Den Haag


2018 'What to Expect When You Are Expecting' third year sculpture exhibition, Den Haag


2018 'A Foreign Affair' KABK pre-end exam show, Den Haag


2019 'The Idiots' group exhibition that I curated. Trixie, Den Haag



I was born to my parents on the 9th of February 1995 in Woerden, The Netherlands, together with my twin brother Evert-Jan. We lived in a lively suburb and it was green and light. Deep blue day or deep warm day,


I fell right through the bright blue day,

My strong body and my warm heart fell right through the deep blue day.


When my little baby brother was born, my mother told me: 'Do not aim for anything in particular. If you hold very still, casually move or stroll around, you will hear the echo still.'


Then I saw it flow or overflow or spill from its invisible container into my room. I wanted to recreate the circumstances that where apparently able to facilitate this shining through, so that we could maybe see it again.


Sometimes when it is dark and when I am cycling on the long straight road from Scheveningen to where I live now, I can see that you are cruel and purple, and I can see you flutter around a streetlight, I can see you hanging in the air. All of you. One day I will get to know all of your caprices, then I will sometimes have some more of these moments where I can see some of your things so immersed. If I write it like this today, why would I write it differently tomorrow?


One human being with one life just fell in between two others with two lives. It just happened and sometimes seemed special, but anyways, there was nothing to be done about it.