Jan Dirk Adams


Drinks table, buffet, desk, lemonade stand

The 'Drinks table, buffet, desk, lemonade stand' consists of many different parts. That is why I decided to add a legenda. Hopefully this will be clarifying.

As part of 'The Handshake', Hgtomi Rosa's first group show, I created a foldout table(1). There is an image in its table-top. In the center of the image there is a couple, that sleeps peacefully along with a cat on top of their blanket. In the corners there are a sunset(3), the view through a window(4), a fire/water butterfly above a mountain(5) and a croissant on a tablecloth(6). There is also a kind of table cloth like checkered pattern around these things(7) and around the edge of the table there is a sentence that reads 'Prenez pour vous les belles choses.',(8) which means 'Take for yourself the beautiful things.'

There is one drawer in the kitchen of Hgtomi Rosa where all the tablecloths are kept.(9) One of them is a heavy and strong, yellow grand foulard(10), one of them is a classic gingham in orange and white(11), another is 'Finding Nemo' Themed(12) and another is blue like the early summer morning sky(13).

The table needs to be used in different moments throughout the evening, several people have already let us know that they would like to make use  of it. Tommy Smits(14) is the foldout table manager. He is convinced of the urgency related to the table being at the right  place at the right time and he is confident that he will be able to make that happen, no matter what unforeseen circumstances may cross his path. He dressed for the occasion in a way that makes him come across as clear, friendly and determined.

This is how Tommy found the table(15)... Left behind by God knows which youngsters that had a beer(16) and apparently were involved with some business related picture-frames.

Boris Windmeijer photographed the entire endeavour. He unfortunately did not photograph himself. You can see here however the instructions that he followed, faithfully and on his qui vive(18).

As the exhibition grows busier, Tommy remains completely occupied with making sure that the table arrives at its next destiny in good order(19). Dimitri van den Wittenboer gives him a hard time(20), but with his map of the space and his clear instructions(21) Tommy continues to feel balanced, without even for the briefest of moments disappearing from the center of the heat of the moment.

Finally ofcourse it is time for a break(22). The schedule of the table manager is hard, but never too heavy to carry.

Dimitri van den Wittenboer and me carry the table to its next destination(23). Tommy has told us so. It will serve as a buffet for the drinks that Dimitri will server, right before he will give us all a great big present.

Dimitri has warmed up to the idea that the different incarnations of the table mean a lot to the table manager, and they are starting to be able to work together harmoniously(24).

Afterwards its fold up!(25) and fold in!(26), and the table disappears into Hgtomi Rosa's Storage space, where Daniele Formica will later brush the hairy fur of his black lobster.

There was also a mysterious adventure story, written by Marie Anne Vu, on the table at some point. She went to find and kill seven evil snakes on an unknown and uninhabited island(27).

Lotus Rooiakkers keeps her eye out, the whole time, makes sure that everyone has there drink in time, but is also ready to rise to the occasion in the unlikely event of there at any moment being some difficulty surround the table's movement from one place to another(28).

My mother, Anja van Nieuwkoop Adams(30), enjoyed the soup that Yukari Nakamichi served on the table(29), and Bernice Nouta(31) sneeked a peek, when at one stolen moment, the tablecloth was not covering drawing in the top of the table.

I thought that(32) I never wanted(33) to make something rigid(34). But that it is definitely nice(35) when something is flexible(36) but also expected(37), and that it disappears(38) most of the time(39) right on time(40). (41)